The term “ostrich guitar” was coined by which major rock music figure?

Who coined the term ostrich guitar?

Lou Reed

Who was the real Lou Reed?

Lewis Allan Reed (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013) was an American musician, singer, songwriter and poet. He was the guitarist, singer and principal songwriter for the rock band the Velvet Underground and had a solo career that spanned five decades.

How much was Lou Reed worth?

Lou Reed net worth: Lou Reed was an American singer and songwriter who had a net worth of $15 million. Lou Reed was one of the most respected rock artists of the 60s and 70s.

What killed Lou Reed?

27 октября 2013 г.

Where should I start with Lou Reed?

Lou Reed: a beginner’s guide

  • Coney Island Baby. “It’s probably Reed’s most poignant reflection on and recollection of his childhood and youth. …
  • Sister Ray. “It’s almost as if Lou Reed defied the conventions of punk nearly a decade before it even began. …
  • Street Hassle. …
  • Walk on the Wild Side. …
  • Satellite of Love. …
  • Heroin. …
  • Pale Blue Eyes. …
  • Sweet Jane.

Was Lou Reed mentally ill?

Following his sudden departure from the group in 1970, Reed went on to have a spotty but nevertheless significant solo career, with hits like “Walk on the Wild Side” and “Perfect Day.” For pretty much his entire life, however, the artist was plagued with mental illness, drug addiction, and aggressive, jealous …

Was Lou Reed a good guitar player?

Lou reed just played guitar to support the song, not like crazy riffs or anything. Stuff like What goes on is very easy to play (and probably to come up with too) and I think he’s just a great musician, but what made him so special is how he was ahead of his time with those strange sounds like in sister ray.28 мая 2008 г.

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Did Lou Reed get sober?

At the time of recording Berlin in west London and at the Record Plant in New York, Reed was breaking up with his first wife, a former cocktail waitress called Bettye Kronstadt. He and Ezrin were also taking copious quantities of drugs – it took Ezrin a full year to recover from the experience.

Who wrote the song Sweet Jane?

Lou Reed

Who was Lou Reed’s wife?

Laurie Andersonm. 2008–2013Sylvia Moralesm. 1980–1990Bettye Reedm. 1973–1973

Who did Lou Reed play with?

The Velvet UndergroundMetal Machine Trio

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