The red special is an electric guitar owned and custom built by who?

How much is Brian May’s Red Special worth?

You can get one that is made from instrument grade wood (Mahogany/ebony) for around $6500.00, or a more exact replica( made out of blockboard and veneers for about $7500.00.

What brand is Brian May’s guitar?

Brian May primarily plays a guitar that he and his father built when he was a teenager. He calls it the Red Special, and its one-of-a-kind sound is featured in nearly everything he does. Other than that, he has occasionally used a Fender Esquire, a Fender Telecaster, and an Ovation Pacemaker 1615.

Does Brian may still use the Red Special?

May used The Red Special during Queen’s recording sessions and live performances, and he still apparently plays a restored version today. If you find yourself inspired by this DIY story, you can head over to BrianMayGuitars and buy your own Red Special replica.

What is the Red Special made of?

May’s original Red Special is constructed with unusual materials. The body is made of oak and blockboard, and topped with a mahogany veneer. Its center block and neck consists of an unknown wood taken from an old fireplace mantel, and the fretboard is oak.

Did they use the real red special in Bohemian Rhapsody?

Well of course May wouldn’t lend them the actual one but luthier Andrew Gyton did a Killer job replicating the old lady. The eighties Red Special, with the worn down fingerboard and the duct tape over the hole where the on-off switch of the fuzz sat.

Who is guitarist for Queen?

Brian May

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Who Brian May wife?

Anita Dobsonm. 2000Chrissie Mullenm. 1977–1988

Did Brian may make his own guitar?

The Red Special is the electric guitar designed and built by Queen’s guitarist Brian May and his father, Harold, when Brian was a teenager in the early 1960s. …

Does Brian may use a pick?

Known for his iconic guitar sound, Queen’s Brian May prefers using a coin – specifically Britain’s sixpence, which he says offers more control – over a conventional guitar pick.

Are Brian May Guitars Any Good?

The Brian May Special is a stunning guitar, blessed with superb build quality, awesome playability and an astonishingly rich diversity of killer tones.

Did Brian May play a Les Paul?

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Brain wasn’t satisfied with the Stratocaster/Vox AC30 combo, so he started using the Les Paul instead for the 1974-1975 tour. This ended up being disappointment also, and Brian went back to playing his Red Special – and ordered John Birch replica as a backup.

How old is Brian May?

73 years (July 19, 1947)

How much is Brian May worth?

How much is Brian May Worth? Brian May Net Worth: Brian May is an English musician, singer, guitarist, songwriter and astrophysicist who has a net worth of $210 million dollars.

How much does it cost to build a guitar from scratch?

Depending on how much work you do yourself, $200 is probably the minimum you’ll need to spend on materials such as pickups, tone and volume controls, bridge, nut, tuning keys, jack, shielded cables,pick guard other hardware and neck. As with anything, the cost depends on quality and features.

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