Some where over the rainbow guitar

What is the strumming pattern for Over the Rainbow?

The “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Strumming Pattern

Pick the top (G) string with your thumb. This is where the bounce comes in. You have to move your hand up as you pick so you can be ready to play the next downstrum. Then strum down, up – down, up.

What is the Bm chord?

The Most Common Version. Unlike some other commonly used minor chords (like Em or Am), the B minor chord doesn’t use any open strings. For this one you must use one finger to fret multiple strings in what is called a “barre chord.” Your index finger rests across every string but the low E.

What key is somewhere over the rainbow?

C major

What is b7 chord?

The B7 guitar chord is often one of the first few chords a beginner guitar player learns. … It is played as a sort of barre chord on the second fret. You bar the A, D, and G strings with your first finger. You then pick up the F# with the third finger and the D# with the pinky finger.

What is F chord guitar?

Strum three strings down from the D string. This version works well because it sits right in the middle range of the guitar and doesn’t require tricky fingering or too much strength. It’s similar to a C Major chord shape but with less of a stretch.

What tempo is somewhere over the rainbow?

72 BPM

What kind of ukulele is used in somewhere over the rainbow?

Martin T1 tenor ukulele

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What can I play instead of BM?

In most cases, it would be best to play a simpler version of the Bm (either the 3 finger or 4 finger form) if difficulty were the issue. It is possible in some cases to substitute a D major chord in place of the B minor chord.

What can replace a Bm chord?

For popular songs, most people play Bm as a barre chord (x24432 or 799777), but for any given chord there are roughly 100 different voicings you can play on a guitar – guitars really are the most flexible chordal instrument out there. You could try xx0432 or xx4432 – either of those eliminates the barre.

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