How wide is a guitar neck

How wide should the neck of a guitar be?

The most common or the standard neck width on acoustic guitars is 44mm (1.73” or more commonly referred to as 1 ¾ inches). That said 43mm (1 11/16”) is almost just as common and you will find plenty of options with this slightly slimmer neck.

Which guitars have the widest necks?

There are a few outliers, but Seagull is where you’ll find the most options for wide-neck guitars.

  • Washburn Vintage Series R314KK Acoustic. …
  • Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar Folk. …
  • Recording King Ros-16 Studio Series 12th Fret 000 Acoustic. …
  • Seagull S-6 Original. …
  • Seagull Artist Mosaic. …
  • Seagull Coastline Momentum HG Acoustic-Electric.

Are wide neck guitars easier to play?

Perhaps another angle we could look at, is that wide neck guitars are also perfect for beginners and less experienced players, as it may be easier to try chords. … So we can’t see why wouldn’t beginners opting for an electric guitar not enjoy a wide neck model, in fact it could make learning even easier.

What is the nut width?

Nut width refers to the width of the guitar’s neck at the nut. String spacing is the distance from the low E string to the high E string and how they spread out as they get closer to the saddle. Some manufacturers take this measurement at the 14th fret, while others take it right at the saddle.

Which electric guitar has the thinnest neck?

Ibanez makes the thinnest necks at least in terms of mass-produced guitars. I must say that Ibanez Wizard necks, especially on RG series are one of the thinnest and most comfortable ever made. Schecter was a baseball bat, gibson even more, ESP was thing but thicker and heavier than Ibanez.

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Are there different widths of guitar necks?

Different types and brands of guitars have different neck widths. Electric guitars usually have a neck width of slightly under 1.7 inches, the acoustic guitar standard is 1.72 inches while the standard classical guitar is 2 inches.

Can your fingers be too big to play guitar?

So there you have it. If you’ve been asking “are my fingers too fat to play guitar?”, my resounding answer is no. Your fingers aren’t too fat for the guitar, you just haven’t developed your playing technique yet.

Why do guitar necks get wider?

The reason classical guitar necks are wider than steel string acoustics, which are in turn wider than most electric guitar necks, is that the style of music mostly played on those instruments is better suited by that kind of neck. If one width was better, all guitars would have eventually evolved to be the same.

What is the best guitar for fat fingers?

Fender Mustang 90

What guitar neck radius is best?

A rounder radius of 9.5 to 10 inches is popular for open position chords. A flatter radius of 12 to 16 inches is popular for guitar soloing and bending notes. A compound radius offers both, starting rounder in open position and flattening out as you move higher up the neck.

What electric guitar has the widest nut?

Perris, CA (July 26,2010) — Big Lou Guitars has developed the Big Lou Wide Nut guitar with extra wide fretboard and nut to accommodate those with bigger hands and fingers. The wider string spacing offers generous room for easier playability and accuracy.

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What is the nut width on a Les Paul?

The width of the nut on the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited is approximately 1.695″, the traditional nut width of Gibson electric guitars.

How do you measure nut width?

Nut Width. Using the calipers, measure the width of the fingerboard right in front of the nut. Depending on your guitar, you should get numbers from 1.625 up to 1.750 inches.

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