How to stain a guitar

What kind of stain do you use on a guitar?

The highlighted grain/stain finish is best suited to guitars with a distinct grain pattern as those found on timbers such as Mahogany and Ash or guitars that include a figured maple cap or veneer such as Flamed, Quilted or Spalted Maple.

What is the best finish for a guitar?

OILS AND WAXES Oil finish is one of the oldest methods of protection and beautification of wood. Although it is the least protective method, is preferred by many for the natural and warm touch that it provides, revealing the wood grain.

How do you make a transparent finish on a guitar?

How do you go about finishing a guitar a transparent, but colored finish?

  1. Apply colored grain filler.
  2. Spray on analine dye mixed with water. 2-3 coats.
  3. Level with system 3 clear coat epoxy. This is a pain staking process since you can’t sand through or you remove dye.
  4. 12-16 coats of clear lacquer.

Can you stain without sanding?

Minwax® PolyShades® is an easy way to change the color of your currently stained or polyurethane finished wood. There’s no stripping or heavy sanding necessary to remove the old finish!

Can you leave stain on without wiping?

There’s no risk of separation at the stain level because there’s no build. If you spray the dye and leave it without wiping, you won’t get good grain definition. To improve the grain definition, apply an oil stain after the dye has dried — or over the sealer coat — and wipe off the excess.

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How long should stain sit before wiping off?

With a staining brush, work both with the grain and against it. Don’t worry about being neat; all that matters is getting a nice, even, liberal coat over the wood. At this point, wipe the stain off immediately for a lighter tone, or for a deeper tone, leave it on for five or even 10 minutes before wiping.

Can you paint over a guitar finish?

Just sand enough to get a micro-scratch pattern for the new finish to adhere. Probably not necessary to go any rougher than 600 grit (400 and especially 320 can leave scratch marks that show through some lacquers and paints).

Can you spray paint a guitar body?

Start with 1 or 2 light coats wait 10-15 then put a heavy coat and let it dry. Most aerosol can clear can be re-coated at anytime so you can let it sit for a day and put more clear over it without issues. You might need 2 or even 3 cans to get enough on the guitar so you can finish sand and buff later.

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