How to sell my guitar

What is the best way to sell a guitar?

Sell Your Gear at These Places and Get the Most Money:

  1. Make the Most Money on Craiglist.
  2. Avoid Guitar Center (and any other used instrument store like Sam Ash, Music Go Round, etc.)
  3. Avoid Ebay (and their super high seller fees)

Where is the best place to sell used guitars?

Here are the best apps and websites where you can get cash for your old and unused equipment.

  1. Reverb. Reverb is an online marketplace where people can sell and buy used, new, and vintage music gear. …
  2. Music Go Round. …
  3. Sam Ash Music Store. …
  4. Rogue Music Store. …
  5. SocialSell. …
  6. eBay. …
  7. Rivington Guitars. …
  8. The Music Zoo.

How do I sell my expensive guitar?

Simply sell the guitars to a local shop that deals in the type of instruments you have if your objective is fast money. You will get 40% of retail. If your objective is to maximize money with minimal hassle then the guitar forums are a good place. However, this may take longer because the audience is limited.

Can you sell guitars to Guitar Center?

If you’re interested in selling your used gear, fill out the form below and a Guitar Center representative will contact you. If interested, we’ll do an in-store evaluation and make you an offer. Once a purchase agreement is made, you’ll receive payment in the form of cash, check, gift card, or store credit.

Does Guitar Center give good money for used gear?

The thing about guitar center is they also sell used gear so any price they quote you would need to be one where they could still resell for a profit. … General rule of thumb is they resell at 50-60% of original value, therefore they give you 30-40% of its value.

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What guitars will increase in value?

5 Guitars Which are Increasing in Value

  • Fender guitars from before 1965. Today Fender is the kind of brand you can buy an affordable, good-quality guitar from. …
  • Guitars built with Korina wood. A guitar made from Korina wood is like the holy grail for guitar players. …
  • Japanese ‘lawsuit’ guitars. …
  • Pre-WWΙΙ Martin guitars.
  • Owned and played by an (upcoming) legend.

How much can I sell my acoustic guitar for?

Acoustic Guitar Pawn Value by BrandAcoustic GuitarMin. Pawn ValueMax. Pawn ValueTaylor$150$500Ovation$35$200Fender$40$110Yamaha$1$250

How much does Guitar Center give for trade ins?

Guitar Center pays out 60% of what they will tag your gear at. Well, technically 50–60% depending on the quality of what you bring in/ the sales associate/ manager that approves the pricing.

What is the best way to sell used musical instruments?

eBay,, Facebook and Craigslist are four of the most popular platforms to buy and sell used music gear online. Chances are you’ve heard of all of these, but you might not be 100% sure which is the best platform in terms of ease of use, safety and getting the best price.

How can I sell my guitar fast?

How to sell your guitar online: 10 essential tips

  1. Disclose every possible defect and detail. “When selling guitars online, always be as thorough as possible. …
  2. Describe the essentials. …
  3. Take pctures near a window. …
  4. Shoot from different angles. …
  5. Save your boxes. …
  6. Choose fair and reasonable pricing. …
  7. Reply with enthusiasm. …
  8. Don’t be afraid of shipping overseas.
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Does Sam Ash buy used gear?

Turn your unwanted gear into cash!* We pay top dollar for nearly all guitars, basses, amps, pedal, drums, cymbals, keyboards, live sound, DJ, recording gear, and band / orchestra instruments. IF IT WORKS WE WANT IT!

How much does it cost to ship a guitar ups?

Quick Answer: Usually, a guitar in a hardshell case will cost you somewhere between $100 and $150 to ship within the US, while guitar in a gig bag costs around $85, depending on the destination, of course.

Is selling to Guitar Center worth it?

The benefit of selling to the store is that you walk in with a guitar and walk out with a check. But remember, resale value is generally half of new value, and the store has to make a profit, so they give you half of what they will sell it for. So you will get a quarter of what you bought it for on average.

Can you negotiate with Guitar Center?

And yes you can haggle at Guitar Center.

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