How to play lead guitar over chords

What scales to play over chords?

The rule is to use Major pentatonic scales over major chords and minor pentatonic scales over minor chords. … All you need to do is switch scales with the chord changes. For example, if the progression was Dm7 – G7 – Cmaj7, you could play D minor pentatonic, G major pentatonic, C major pentatonic.

Which modes go with which chords?

Each chord within the key has it’s own associated mode:

  • I chord (D) – Major Key (aka. the “Ionian Mode”)
  • ii chord (Em) – Dorian Mode.
  • iii chord (F#m) – Phrygian Mode.
  • IV chord (G) – Lydian Mode.
  • V chord (A) – Mixolydian Mode.
  • vi chord (Bm) – Minor Key (aka. the “Aeolian Mode”)

Do lead guitarists play chords?

Lead guitar means melody guitar, meaning that the lead guitarist must specialize in playing the melody of the song, so any guitar playing a solo is not a lead. … Lead guitar uses few or no chords, although sometimes it can be following a chord structure, while rhythm guitar uses the chords to drive the music.

Is learning lead guitar hard?

Lead guitar is hard to learn because you need to learn a lot of different techniques. Lead guitarists need to learn how to play bends, slides, legato, string skipping, and other similar techniques.

What are the 3 chords used in the blues?

A common type of three-chord song is the simple twelve-bar blues used in blues and rock and roll. Typically, the three chords used are the chords on the tonic, subdominant, and dominant (scale degrees I, IV and V): in the key of C, these would be the C, F and G chords.

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What are the 7 modes on guitar?

The 7 Modes of the Major Scale

C Ionian, D Dorian, E Phrygian, F Lydian, G Mixolydian, A Aeolian, B Locrian. What you want is to be able play these modes in any given key, depending on the song or chord progression.

Should I learn chords or scales first?

Scales can get dreary to practice and you need a great deal more knowledge to be able to use them in music. You need knowledge of how chords are made so you can use scales properly in music, so learning chords first also makes more sense if you consider this. A beginner guitarist should definitely start with chords.

How do you memorize modes?

Ways to Remember the Modes

to represent the order, Ionian-Dorian-Phrygian-Lydian-Mixolydian-Aeolian-Locrian. Another good way to remember the modes is in terms of their darkness, or how many lowered scale degrees the modes have. The order of modes in terms of darkness is: Lydian (#4)

What is a mixolydian chord?

The A mixolydian chord I is the A major chord, and contains the notes A, C#, and E. This tonic chord’s root / starting note is the 1st note (or scale degree) of the A mixolydian mode. The roman numeral for number 1 is ‘I’ and is used to indicate this is the 1st triad chord in the mode.

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