Where to sell a cello

How much can you sell a cello for?

A student level cello will sell for anywhere from $200 (plywood construction, Cicello cellos) to about $5000. Anything much beyond that would probably be considered a professional level cello, and they can run from $10,000 to multi-millions.

How much is a cello worth?

Wood and workmanship are the primary components in the pricing of a cello, overall. The older, more aged the wood, and higher quality (straighter, even grain on spruce, well-flamed on maple) determines it’s cost in raw materials. A truly fine set of tonewood for cello is over $1000, just for the wood!

Do cellos appreciate in value?

Cellos in general do not depreciate in value. If a cello costs more than a couple hundred bucks, it’ll probably go up in value, assuming it has been kept in decent shape. My last cello cost me around $2,000 about ten years ago and it’s now worth more than $3,000.

How much is a Stradivarius cello worth?

2) The Paganini Stradivarius Cello – >$6million

Even if you don’t play a string instrument, you’ve probably heard of Antonio Stradivari, the famous Italian luthier.

Is there an electric cello?

The electric cello is a type of cello that relies on electronic amplification (rather than acoustic resonance) to produce sound. An acoustic cello can be fitted with a bridge or body mounted contact pickup providing an electric signal, or a built-in pickup can be installed.

How do I sell my upright bass?

Selling or Trading in a Bass to a Music Store

One of the easiest ways to sell a bass is to take it to a music shop that specializes in string instruments. Since music shops sell basss frequently, they are likely to buy your bass for a fair price.

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Is Cello harder than guitar?

Guitar is cheaper, Cello is easier (I genuinely believe that objectively). You don’t have frets, so you need to learn to play in tune, but you LISTEN more, which helps you learn quicker. … If you want to learn MUSIC and not just an instrument, get a cello.

Can I learn cello on my own?

When learning how to play the cello, very little is spoon-fed to you by the instrument. … If you have the right teacher, anyone can learn the fundamentals of playing cello. As with most instruments, the cello will come more easily to someone with experience reading notes and rhythms.

What makes a cello expensive?

Quality Of The Material Used

For example, the most lavish cello wood material was chemically modified and enhanced to produce the antique instrument hence the price. Similarly, the most expensive bow material is seen to be of an extraordinary kind and thus made it stand out.

What is a good cello for beginners?

12 Best Beginner Cello Reviews and the Best Student Cellos

  • D Z Strad Cello Model 101 Student Cello ½ …
  • Cecilio CCO-100 Student Cello. …
  • Cecilio CCO-500 Ebony Fitted Flamed Solid Wood Construction. …
  • Windsor Ml-3006 Windsor 4/4 Size Cello with Padded Bag. …
  • Crescent 4/4 Beginner Cello Starter Kit – Natural Wood Color.

Is Stentor a good cello brand?

Stentor cellos have made a name for themselves by making good quality cellos at an affordable price, similar to Cecilio. Stentors are great instruments to learn on before transferring to a professional cello. We like these beginner cellos and highly recommend them if you’re not into the Cecilios.

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Who owns a Stradivarius cello?

Anner Bylsma

What is the rarest instrument?


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