What is lemon cello

What is Limoncello made from?

Traditionally, limoncello is made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, also known as Sorrento or Sfusato lemons. Lemon zest, or peels without the pith, is steeped in rectified spirit until the oil is released.

Do you drink limoncello straight?

Tasty Limoncello Drink Recipes

The traditional way of drinking limoncello is to serve it well chilled, neat (no ice), in a chilled cordial glass. … Limoncello can be used in a variety of drinks, from simple tall drinks to more complex cocktails and martinis.

What does limoncello taste like?

What Does Limoncello Taste Like? Limoncello is a very sweet liqueur with an intense flavor of lemons. It lacks the tartness of lemon juice and is more like a spiked, highly-concentrated, citrus-flavored syrup that’s very delicious.

What is Limoncello used for?

Aside from drinking it straight out of the bottle, limoncello can also be used for making cocktails combined with a citrus juice, blackberries, basil, or mint, vodka, and maybe a syrup to help remove its slight tartness. It can also be used in desserts such as limoncello pound cake, gelato, or cheesecake.

Can limoncello get you drunk?

For its digestive properties, it almost feels virtuous to drink. Limoncello has about a 30% alcohol content so while it may jump start your digestive enzymes, it will also get you DRUNK. … When the bottle on your table is no longer frosted, it means it’s time to stop drinking the limoncello.”

What is the best brand of limoncello?

Top Picks for Limoncello Liqueur

  • $12.99. Sovrano. Limoncello Original Liqueur. …
  • $26.99. Pallini. Limoncello Liqueur. …
  • $19.99. Best Buy. Caravella. …
  • $27.99. Limoncello di Capri. Limoncello Liqueur. …
  • $36. Pietro Gallo Estate. Limoncello Classico. …
  • $26.50. Villa Massa. Limoncello Liqueur. …
  • $26. Ventura Spirits. Limoncello Liqueur.
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How strong is Limoncello?

An alcohol content of 28-32% is considered optimal for Limoncello, though a less alcoholic version, which is known as Crema di Limoncello, having an alcohol content of around 16% also exists.

Do you shoot Limoncello?

Yes, it is served in a small (“shot”) glass, but that is because it’s high in alcohol and you don’t serve very much. It should be sipped, savored, enjoyed for each drop of lemony goodness.

Should limoncello be refrigerated?

Limoncello does not require refrigeration for long-term storage. However, as is the tradition along the Amalfi Coast, we highly recommend chilling Fiore Limoncello either in the refrigerator or preferably in the freezer for several hours prior to serving.

What is Italy’s national drink?


How much does limoncello cost?

All prices are for a standard 750 ml bottle and all prices are in US dollars. The overall average price for a bottle of limoncello is $19.25 and most of them cluster right around the $20 mark. Fabrizia and Morey are particularly inexpensive, which pulls the average down a bit from $20.

Does limoncello taste like alcohol?

It tastes strong, just like the other lemon drinks, but it is neither bitter nor sour. The liqueur is refreshing and doesn’t burn the throat. It has the perfect balance between sourness and sweetness. Unlike other liqueurs that are too bitter, limoncello is just right.

How do you drink Pallini Limoncello?

Muddle the lemon in a high ball glass. Fill the glass with ice and add the Pallini Limoncello. Top with tonic water and 2 dashes of bitters. Stir to combine and garnish with a lemon slice.

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Does limoncello have sugar?

Limoncello is made ​​from lemon zest (strictly non-treated), water, alcohol, and sugar. It is a beverage usually consumed after meals, but is a perfect drink for every occasion.

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